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The Contagious Card Game

The lab rookies realize that the sample containers, that include oputbreaks of experimental viruses,  were not empty. 

Now virus run rampant and only you can stop them.

Your mission is to confront the pandemic and compete to be the first to eradicate the viruses to prevent the spread of the terrible diseases.


Magnetic parts with 3D challenges

CUBIMAG® is an amazing MAGNETIC puzzle to exercise your brain.

Complete the 3D challenges and improve your spatial vision, concentration and logic .

Can you solve them all?


Get more groups of 3 balls of the same color to win!

Place all the balls randomly, leave the central hole empty and slide them strategically to connect 3 balls of the same color.

The player who gets the most points wins the game!

A fun brain teaser game perfect for the little ones in the house.